Writing a college research paper is a compulsory requirement for all students throughout their course. Each student has to submit a research paper and their grades are evaluated on the basis of their performance therein. Writing a research paper is a challenging task, and most students get stuck at the first hurdle itself – choosing the right college research paper topics.

    The following tips will help you in choosing a topic for your research paper:

    1. Choose a topic that is easy to write:

    The key to selecting good college research paper topics is to choose one that you think is easy to write about. Avoid choosing something that is difficult to research. Researching complex topics is not only time consuming, but might also be a factor why it would be difficult to understand the finer details of the subject. Writing the research paper may become a tedious task, and you might miss out on important aspects.

    2. Be innovative:

    Academic professionals suggest that the best research paper topics for college students are those that are original. The topic you choose should ideally not be derived from another's research paper.  The main purpose of writing research paper is to create an original writing piece (plagiarism-free). This means that if you have to use someone else's idea, you should ensure that you produce a well-crafted essay and complete re-write the idea that you have borrowed. A plagiarized research paper will not only affect your credibility, but will also lead to a low grade.


   3. Have a topic with a good scope for research:

    Another effective tip in choosing good college research paper topics is to work with a topic that does not have a very limited scope for research. Moreover, you should not choose a topic that has a very vast scope for research. This is because if the research scope is extensive, it will be difficult for you to limit the research within the word limit, and consequently, you may not be able to do justice to the topic. Meanwhile if the topic has a very limited scope for research, you may not be able to meet the word requirement or develop a cohesive case for the argument that you are trying to present.