Writing an article review might be one of the tasks you have during college. But it may as well be a new task you get and want to complete, a task you have not gotten until now. And this might leave you confused and lost, as an article review is a different type of paper. Article reviews are helpful in the scientific community and educational institutions.

As science evolves, so do the methods used in research and article writing. However, not all are done accurately or others might have a distinct opinion, so here intervenes an article review. Wondering how to write an article review? You're in the right place. Here we will discuss the article review template, the format for article review, and a few tips and tricks.

What is an article review?

Many students might ask themselves what is an article review. It is a piece of paper that summarizes the article of another peer, evaluates it, and proposes further research direction. To write an accurate article review, you need to read it carefully and know every step of the process. The article review can be critical, where you make an analysis in detail and present arguments pro and con.

Many would feel reluctant to write an article review. But it has immense value both for the scientific and educational communities and the authors themselves. Having a different point of view on the same subject is normal and natural, but a lot of people refrain from writing an article review.

Even though you may bring some critics, proposing alternative solutions and simply highlighting your opinion will help both the author and the community grow. So, as expert writers from a college paper writing service say, an article review is a piece of paper that will help you grow your skills and expand your perspective.

The format for article review

Writing an article review might seem challenging, but it is a challenge you can overcome. Knowing how the final draft should look helps you structure the article. It is essential to have a clear structure that gives logic to your article review. So, your article review should have a title, your name, and the date. The next section should be an abstract, a summary of the main points of your article review, and proposed solutions.

Then follows the introduction, where you should introduce the main topic and where you present what the article contains. The reader should know what to expect to read in the body after reading the introduction. The body represents the part of the article review where you explore your subtopics. Then follows the conclusion, a summary of the main points, and a list of references to the cited literature. Make sure you use the right citation style, as there are many options. Usually, the APA style format is used.

Read the Article

Wondering how to write an article review? Well, an important thing you have to do is to look at the article and then read it. Identifying its main parts, and its main topics will help you make a general idea of what it is about.

You could start by reading the abstract and the introduction, then the conclusion. Like this, you know what it is about. But it remains to discover the main points of the author which you will find in the body. When you start reading the article in its entirety, make sure you take notes of the words or expressions you do not understand.

Note down any questions you may have that might arise in your mind when you read the article. Whenever you come across a concept you do not understand, make sure you read about it. This way, you will gain a deeper understanding of the article and your review will be on topic.

Highlight Important Information

Reading the article once will not be enough for sure. You can read it for the first time to understand the concepts, the main points, and the general idea. And you can read it once again to highlight the most important sections.

Keep in mind that you should not highlight everything, but only specific things you want to talk about in your article review. Having them highlighted gives you instant access to the main points of the article. This is extremely helpful as you will revise the article many times when you start writing.

Start Writing

Writing an article review might seem challenging, but if you have gone through all these steps, chances are that you are in a good place. You have the article review template, you have your notes and information highlighted, so all you need is to start putting everything into your words.

Focus on the claims made by the article, its arguments, and research. Do not think about grammar and editing now, just focus on writing your opinion. Then, you can take some time dedicated to editing and proofreading, to make sure your article review is error-free.

Final Thoughts

How to write an article review? This is the question many students have when they first see the task. Even though it may seem challenging at the beginning, approaching the process step by step will help you write an excellent article review.

Make sure you first understand what an article review is and its format and requirements. Then, all you have to do is to read the article carefully many times, highlight important information and note any questions and observations you may have. All it remains is to put everything into your words.