Today, students find it difficult to gain admission into a reputable college mainly because of the stiff competition for limited slots the highly competitive environment this creates. Under these circumstances, you must grab the best available opportunity: constructing a thoughtful and well written college application essay.

    You may find many examples of college essays online, but you should bear in mind that not all the essays are of good quality. You must avoid copying from these essays since plagiarism will significantly reduce the value of your work, affecting both your credibility and your chances of gaining admission into the school.

    It is therefore essential that you construct an original essay. Following these college application essay writing tips will help you create an outstanding essay and secure your admission to the school of your choice.

    1. In order to write a compelling application essay, you must have a clear idea of your topic and purpose. The writing must reveal your personality and passion.

    2. You must not simply emphasize your grades and academic achievements and grades in the essay; the writing must also reflect your maturity and way of thinking.

    3. Although it is important to be thoughtful and mature, the essay should not be too heavy; you can lighten mood by using a few well-placed humorous sentences or clever metaphors.

    4. You must b careful of the tone of your essay. Make sure that you do not brag too much about your achievements. You must balance the pride you take in your accomplishments with generosity towards others.

    5. The writing should reveal your overall character. Remember, schools do not just look for ‘A graders' or students with remarkable achievements. They look for well-rounded individuals who can best embody the ideals of their institution.

    Keep these college application essay tips in mind when you draft your application on college ruled paper.