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Nature Influences and Climate Changes Essay

There are many ways through which global warming and climate changes have been affecting the natural cycle of the world. Paleoclimatology and geological changes with strange temperature and rainfall records have been noted throughout the world with recent shifts in climate. Atmospheric sciences have been studying in depth about the series of climatology changes that have been changing and shifting the earth's atmosphere as well as the periphery around its energetic chord. The altering weather reports with rather shocking effects along with pollution levels rising uncontrollably in certain areas of the world, have affected the geomantic balance of the earth. Global warming has become a significant concern but very few countries have been working with effective reign on the possibilities of global warming and their effects. Climate change has been occurring with statistical distribution of weather bringing periods of alterations that take place within millions of years. The change in average weather conditions in the past couple of decades have been bringing an alarming call to control most of the human efforts through which planetary balance can be restored back again. Many specific regions on earth have been experiencing adverse conditions unknown before. There are wide ranges of alterations panning the entire globe along with recent pollution mayhem. The horrible Gulf oil spill made by the great British Petroleum has been one of the major turning points in totally altering the ocean health and lifespan there. Plenty of plants and sea animals have died and more have been on throes of death with the slow poison of the oil spill. As the earth could not handle enough major corporate bodies like these keep on plundering the womb of earth bringing erroneous damage. Such horrendous changes often cannot be altered for good as there are rather few exceptional groups that can work towards harmonious and well balanced production.


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