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What Ethics is All About Essay

It has been true that throughout the history of man's existence, he has had to struggle with the epic battle with himself and others around him with the decision between good and evil. This is precisely what ethics is about. Ethics is about a struggle between good and bad and discovering for yourself which path to take. They are basic moral choices that any individual will have to make in the relationship that they share with others around them. In very basic terms, ethics is the system based on which there can be judgments made about why a certain action is termed as good or right and something else as bad or wrong. In fact there are different ethical approaches as well, which have different features in their theories and different beliefs. For instance, ethical absolutism is a theory which believes that everything should run under the same ethical code of conduct. That a certain set of moral values will be applicable to all things everywhere and whatever the circumstances are. This is because they give more importance to the action which should be ethically right rather than the circumstances or anything else. The other is the ethical relativism approach which has differences in their opinions. Their belief is that ethics and the moral code is something that can be observed by people depending on culture, what their belief system is and what the circumstances are as well. This is a more flexible approach to life and to moral issues and they take into consideration how certain cultures as well as the individual itself perceive of some action and morals. Circumstances are the other thing that is given a lot of importance in these set of ethical beliefs. Ethics is definitely a moral code of conduct, but is not bound by law.


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