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What is Creative Writing?

If you think about it, any kind of writing that we might do is actually creative writing. Whether you are writing about your own life or creating new characters and plots from imagination, when we use a string of words in harmony to recreate living people and things from existence or create new ones into existence can be termed as creative writing. However, you must also know that there is no such thing as 'cannot' in creative writing. This is based completely on practice and skill, of course there has to be a certain degree of inborn talent and flair but the rest is up to you how well you wish to utilize it and help the flair grow. Of course, if you wish to get into the formal meaning of creative writing, it can defined as a work of writing that is not a part of journalism, academic writing or any other kind of professional writing. However, it can be in any form, whether it is fiction or non-fiction, novel or poetry, creative writing can bloom in many different forms. In fact, you must know that writing screenplays and play writing are also forms of creative writing although they do have a professional aspect to the work as well. If you think about it, creative writing is a more modern and recent phrase that is being used for the old fashioned phrase - Literature. Creative writing can be available at the academic level as well in fact, but has got nothing to do with academics, there might be classes however where you can take and make to practice creative writing. The whole point is to give students an outlet for self-expression through their writing. Now there are formal creative writing programs available at all kinds of educational levels


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